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How to use the standing calf raise machine

Muscle Groups: Legs

The standing calf raise targets the calf, whilst also focussing on flexor digitorum longus and flexor hallucis longus muscles (back inside portion of your leg) as well as the peroneus fibularis brevis and peroneus fibularis longus which lie on the outside of your lower leg.. Standing calf raises are a great way to build muscle mass in the calves, improve ankle stability, increase athletic performance, and improve your overall fitness. It is a simple but effective exercise that can be do even without any equipment or added weight.

First, adjust the height of padding to be in line with your shoulders and select an appropriate weight for you.

To start, place your shoulders underneath the pads, and your feet half way onto the metal platform. Keep your legs nice and straight, squeeze all the way up and then drop your heels all the way down. Once finished step downwards and away from the platform.

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