I have been in the Fitness Industry for around 23 years, starting as a 16 year old Lifeguard and Circuit Instructor on Holiday camps until I came back to Warrington at 18 where I worked in lots of big health clubs and gyms around the area working my way up the ladder from a Gym Instructor to a Personal Fitness Coach and Group Fitness Expert.

I have a big background in Boxing, taking up the sport at 13 Years Old, I had a great early career with many fights under my belt. I am still heavily involved in boxing but now focusing more on coaching and boxing for Fitness. I have now accumulated 26 years of experience in boxing and incorporate it (NOT BOXERCISE) into most of my client’s workouts.

I have a huge passion for Group Fitness. My first experience and my foundation for this passion was in 1999 when I went on a BodyCombat Course (Release 1). I have been teaching this class for 20 years now and this class, along with lots of others I am qualified in, has given me the knowledge to create my VERY OWN Classes and Bootcamp Courses which integrate a variety of disciplines such as Strength & Conditioning, Boxing, Mobility & Flexibility and Cardio.

If you are looking to become a better version of YOU, come with me and let’s get fighting fit! Thank you for reading!

E-mail: danfcfit@aol.co.uk

Mobile: 07843139993

In Person: Come say hi!