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How to use the seated cable tricep dip machine

Muscle Groups: Arms

The seated cable tricep dip targets the upper arm muscles, specifically the triceps "tris".

The seated tricep dip is a low-impact exercise, which means that it is less likely to cause injury than other exercises, such as bench dips. Some of the benefits of a tricep dip are improving your athletic performance in sports that require strong triceps, such as weightlifting and rock climbing and helping reduce your risk of injury by strengthening your triceps and improving your range of motion.

To use the machine, first note that this is a chest supported machine so you should be facing forwards. The best way to start is by standing, use your weight to push the bars down rather than sitting down and pressing down. Your elbow acts as as a pivot point, push downwards and slowly upwards, remembering not to over extend the shoulders too much.

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