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It's your community - policies


Last Updated: July 2023

At Ascendancy Fitness we build a community for you to succeed. As part of that community, your safety and experience - no matter who you are - is our priority. Everyone at our gym has the right to enjoy what our gym has to offer whilst feeling safe. We do not tolerate harassment, in any form at Ascendancy.

Whether you are a member, visitor, staff or a PT at Ascendancy, we are all part of this community, and we treat each other with respect, and kindness.

If you ever feel you have been harassed, speak to a member of the Ascendancy team or email info@ascendancyfitnessgym.com.

This Policy

This policy covers all members, staff, PT's and visitors including contractors to our gym. It's purpose is to define what Ascendancy Fitness will do should there ever be an instance, allegation or experience of this type of behavior in our gym.

What is harassment?

  • Characteristic - unwelcome attention based upon a personal characteristic.
  • Physical - voilence, or a direct or infeffered sexual threatening.
  • Behavior - threatening, intimidating, pressuring, alarming or making someone fear for their personal safety.
  • Language - offensive use, threatening, unwelcome or abusive.

Harassment can be both Direct to you as an individual person from another person or group of people and Indirect something you see or hear towards someone else.

Examples of harassment

Harassment can take many forms, and the below are just some examples. If you feel you may be being harassessed, don't worry - get in touch and we will investigate.

Some examples:

  • Negative, unwanted comments or aggression about protected characterisitcs such as race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, identity etc.
  • Unkind or negative comments towards someones size, weight, or abilities in the gym.
  • Negative, derogatory or joking comments towards a persons disability whether it be visible or not.
  • Unwelcome or inappropriate physical contact of a sexual nature, for more info see below.

Examples of sexual harassment

Sexual harassment can also take many forms, the below are just some examples. If you feel you may be being sexual harassessed, don't worry - get in touch and we will investigate.

Some examples:

  • Excessive flirting deemed inappropriate or aimed at damaging a persons reputation.
  • Offensive or sexual behavior such as staring inappropriately, whistleing or gestering.
  • Unwelcome or inappropriate physical contact, touching, stroking, kissing, hugging, fondling etc.
  • Inappropriate, negative or unwanted comments of a sexual nature that could be offensive.
  • Inappropriate or derogatory comments on looks, dress, sexuality, age or gender in an objectifying way.
  • Physical voilence, including assault as defined by law.

In gym sexual harassment

Some examples of in gym sexual harassment:

  • Taking photos or videos of another person without consent.
  • Seemingly following another person around the gym, deliberately excercising next to or near them on multiple occasions in the same visit.
  • Staring inappropriately or continiously watching another person including through or via windows or mirrors.
  • Unwelcome or inappropriate flirting or sexual advances.
  • Inappropriate comments on someones looks, body or clothing.

What to do if you have experienced harassment or inappropriate behavior

If you feel you have been a victim of harassment, where appropriate you should first raise it with that individual. If this is not possible or you do not feel comfortable immediately report it to a member of staff or reception. You can also email info@ascendancyfitnessgym.com. and we will begin an investigation.

Steps / Procedure

  • 1) Report the allegation ASAP.
  • 2) We will take full details of the incident to allow us to investigate, for example date/time, persons involved.
  • 3) With your prior consent we will contact the individual and discuss the incident.
  • 4) A senior member or owner of the gym will assess the severity of the incident.
  • 5) If appropriate, at the gyms discretion we may temporarily suspend the alleged person from the gym whilst a full investigation takes place.
  • 6) A full investigation will take place, and an incident report created. This may include reviewing any evidence shared, the checking of CCTV or statements from any witnesses.
  • 7) If based upon evidence we can confirm the allegations are true and deemed a major incident of harassment, a decision will be made on terminating membership, contracts or to follow disciplinary processes (if a member staff).
  • 8) The incident report will be updated with the findings and shared with all parties.
  • 9) We will do anything we can to support you to feel welcome at the gym including offering mediation.
  • 10) If the incident is referred to the police - we will cooperate fully.

What can happen next following an investigation

If following an investigation, the gym deems the incident as minor, for example there is a belief that the alleged person had acted in poor judgement or made an innocent error, and/or not referred to the police - education, an apology and a strong warning could be an appropriate action.

However, if following investigation the gym has via evidence confirmed that harassment did take place directly or indirectly or was clearly or knowingly intended, this will be classed a major and a formal penalty will be placed upon that person in line with the below:

  • If minor - a strong warning, with a suspension should there be any further instances.
  • If major or multiple confirmed events - a suspension from the gym.

If the alleged person is a member of staff we will follow internal disciplinary procedures which may result in a verbal or written warning, or dismissal depending on the outcome of investigation and severity of the incident.

Further support following

The decision the gym makes following an investigation is final, but if you are unhappy we will be here to talk.

We will do everything we can to support you coming back to the gym - and if you would like, we will meet you at reception at an agreed day/time that suits both parties to welcome you back.

We will offer to mediate if we feel it beneficial or neccessary, between you and the alleged person if they are still a member of the Ascendancy.

Independent, free, and confidential advice can also be found at Victim Support via a confidential 24/7 helpline and live chat service.

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