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Kevin DeeleyHi, my name is Kevin Deeley

I have been involved in the fitness/bodybuilding industry for over forty years.

I started weight training to increase my size and strength, starting out at 11 stone.

Being an extremely driven person I achieved my dream and reached 23 stone in my first seven years of bodybuilding.

35 years ago the opportunity came up for me to buy first class health club, this is when I introduced personal training to help men and women achieve their goals, at one point I was doing as many as 60 1-2-1 sessions per week.

8 years ago I decided I wanted to specialise in 1-2-1 training and body transformations courses.

I moved to premises at Winwick quay, setting up first class health studio.

Using my vast experience and knowledge I have trained bodybuilders for competitions, models for photo shoots and many clients with specific health problems, heart transplant, fibromyalgia, blood pressure, obesity etc. I am currently helping a number of vulnerable adults, and mental health clients.

My nutritional knowledge is vast, and in-depth covering meal planning, protein, carbs and fat requirements, and specialising in amino acids has to improving longevity , health and muscle building.knowledge on supplements uses and benefits.

Training knowledge is extensive and have knowledge on specific training techniques such as Fst7,MI40, Y3T and many which help advanced trainers to keep progressing.

I offer clients new to weight training the opportunity to do a 1 off session which includes a 1-2-1,individual program and nutritional plan.

I offer various transformation courses for men and women individualised to each person’s requirements.My 1-2-1 sessions are taylored to each individual depending on their goals.

forward to helping new clients at Ascendancy.



You can contact me on phone, whatsapp or instagram.

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