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How to use the Lever DY Row Machine

Muscle Groups: Back

The Lever DY Row Machine works across your back muscles including your trapezius (traps), latissimus dorsi (lats), rhomboids and deltoids.

First, this is a plate loaded machine so add an appropriate weight for you. Take a seat, you can place your feet directly below on the metal or on the bar at the back - the bar at the back is sometimes better as you can use it to push against. Once comfortable adjust the chest pad to allow for the best stretch in the movement.

You can use this machine as a double or single arm row. In this demo, we show you a double arm row. Stand up, grasping the handles and pull the bars down back to a seated position. Keeping your chest against the pad, lead with your elbows pulling towards you, contracting at the back. Moving slowly back up in a continious motion, you should feel a stretch in your back lats.

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