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Personal Trainers in Warrington

Our team, known as The Ascendancy - of personal trainers and instructors are experts in their fields, and ready to share their expertise with you. Tap a profile picture for more information on each member.

Why get a personal trainer?

1) Learn New Things
Personal Trainers are specifically trained - to teach others how to excercise properly, tailored to their goals. Allowing you to learn things you didn't previously know.

2) Correct Posture
Having a PT will make sure you always have the best posture and technique. Not only making sure you workout safely - but maximising results.

3) It's all about you
A PT is there to work with you, on your own personal goals. Whether it be diet, physique, confidence or even for a specific sporting event like a marathon.

4) Efficency
We have all been there, choosing not to go to the gym for that extra time in bed. Or going to the gym, but not really having a particular productive workout. When you have scheduled appointments with a PT you are committing and they will push you to achieve what you want.

At Ascendancy Fitness we are passionate about making sure that we are always sharing our knowledge and putting you first - and we have specifically selected this group of people to do just that. Click or tap above to view each of our teams personal profiles, from here you can read more about each Ascendancy member, what they offer (personal training, bootcamps) and their contact details including social media links.

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