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Yasmin BoujibarI’m Yas and I first got into strength training about 5 years ago and before this the gym was my punishment. It was a place i would go to burn calories or to make myself feel less guilty about something I had eaten. I noticed other women in the gym lifting weights, these women were strong, powerful and looked amazing, I wanted to do the same but I had no idea where to start! I watched numerous YouTube videos along the lines of how to grow the glutes and get a 6 pack all in one week. The content out there was a minefield and I still had so much to learn. So I decided to invest in myself and got my own PT! This developed my passion and knowledge massively! I have now been through multiple building and fat loss phases and family and friends began asking me for advice on training and nutrition and I’ve loved being able to share my knowledge with the people I love.

When my mum got ill, the gym became my therapy. It was the only time I would focus on me and switch off. After losing her a year ago, I realised that life is too short to be unhappy, so I began studying to gain my level 3 qualification in personal training.

Now I’m qualified, I’m ready to help other people fall in love with fitness the same way I have! I’ve been in your shoes, I am the client, I am the girl who once looked around the gym overwhelmed but I’m also now someone who can use my knowledge and experience to give back to other people and help you to achieve your goals🤞💜


If you would like to enquire about personal training sessions with me, or any other questions you contact me on either:

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