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Lottie LucyHey, I’m Lottie 💜

My fitness journey hasn’t always been a straight forward one and I spent years feeling unconfident in my body.

I thought that in order to reach my fitness goals and be happy, I had to restrict myself in so many ways. I fell into a trap of thinking I needed to train 5-6 times week, cut out foods I enjoyed, and do (endless cardio) workouts that I hated. I struggled to stick to anything long-term, and know just how lost and deflated it can make you feel. I didn’t know what to do to get me the results I wanted.

After discovering how to get and maintain the physique I always wanted, with ease and without restriction, I made it my mission to prevent other women feeling this way, avoid the cycles I went through and show you that YOU really CAN do it. A sustainable, healthy lifestyle can actually be enjoyable, and should be!!

You shouldn’t need to cancel your social life and put your fitness journey over everything else. The two really can work together, and you should never feel restricted - that’s what Lottie Lucy Coaching is built on. ✨

I specialise in female fat loss and toning up, by designing a personalised workout plan catered to your individual needs. I also offer tailored nutrition plans on my app for my 1-1 clients, if your diet is something that you struggle with, like I did.

From studying teaching at uni and getting a degree in education, to helping hundreds of women all over the world via my online coaching platform - I have always loved to teach and help people become the best version of themselves.

Nothing makes me happier than witnessing my clients transform mentally and physically and honestly, I probably want my clients to succeed more than they do (or at least the same amount!!) Whatever your goals are, whether it’s to lose fat and tone up, or to build your glutes, I will help you get there. I truly believe that everybody deserves to feel confident in their own skin and I’m your cheerleader, motivator and coach all in one.

Let’s work together and get you feeling amazing ✨



To see some of my current and past client results and more of my journey please check out my Instagram accounts and website below.

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