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How to use the Isolated Lateral Row Machine

Muscle Groups: Back

The isolated lateral row machine targets the back muscles, in particular the latissimus dorsi (lats), rhomboids, and middle and lower trapezius (traps).

This is a plate loaded machine, so you can add weights onto the bars on the side of the machine and secure them with a pin. Once you have added an appropriate weight, adjust your seat (this can be a quite akward movement - pull upwards in an a slight angle motion). The seat should be adjusted so that when seated the top of the front pad is in line with the top of your chest. You can place your feet firmly on the floor or on the back metal bar, and can grip onto the available rubber handle or on the metal bar position - whichever is most comfortable.

Once ready, grasp the handles (note you can use this machine with a singular arm if you choose), driving your elbows back to your back pockets in a continious controlled movement, hold and then return back towards the machine in a slow descent.

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