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How to use a T-bar row

Muscle Groups: Back

The T-bar row focuses mainly on your back including your rhomboids and lats.

First of all, this is a plate loaded machine so add an appropriate weight for you at the top of the T-bar.

Stand up onto the T-bar with your stomach against the rest pad. Grab the bars with both hands and move the T-bar into the middle position. Pull upwards towards you making sure your stay on the rest pad, squeezing your back. Lower in a controlled continious motion.

The T-bar row machine is a great (low impact) way to build up strength in your back, and can be a great way to improve your posture and core stability. Which is why it is a great addition to a back excercise workout routing. We have more than 10 pieces of equipment that can target your back, simply filter by "back" on the equipment page.

This instructional video is shown by Daniel, a PT at the Ascendancy.

Other machines targeting back

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T-Bar Row (Plate Loaded) (This Machine)
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