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How to use the seated cable row

Muscle Groups: Back Arms

The seated cable row targets the back muscles in particular the latissimus dorsi (lats) as well as the upper arm muscles - the biceps and triceps. It is also a compound exercise, which means that it works multiple muscle groups at the same time.

First, select an appropriate weight for you. Put your feet onto the pad, keeping your knees bent.

Grab the handles, pull all the way back to your torso keeping your elbows tucked in whilst keeping a neutral spine - squeezing your shoulders back. Slowly move back to the starting position keeping your arms unlocked and repeat.

Because the seated cable row works on the upper body - this machine is great to improves posture, protects your shoulders, and reduces your risk of injury on other equipment and excercises.

Other machines targeting back

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Single Arm Lever Row (Plate Loaded)
Seated Cable Row (This Machine)
T-Bar Row (Plate Loaded)
Hyperextension machine
Lever Deadlift Machine
Lever Shrug Machine
Lever DY Row (Plate Loaded)

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